Mission & Vision


Through services and supports focused on physical, emotional and mental health needs, Stroke Survivors CAN! help stroke survivors and their families, friends, and others move on from the stroke event to life with a future complete with goals to accomplish, and dreams to achieve.


When a stroke hits, you are left shocked and totally unprepared for your new reality. It is overwhelming. This site, written by other stroke survivors, offers you hope. From a nonacademic perspective, they tell you that your life is not over, and there is much to life for.


Through stories that are told from other stroke survivors, they are empowered to help other stroke survivors live through an earth shattering diagnosis. All sorts of stories will be told, all with a courageous heart, from those just starting out to years of recovery.

Stroke Survivors Can! is focused on providing:

  • Education for Stroke Survivors, families, friends, and the community
  • Early intervention after a stroke event, by providing the Stroke Survivor, and significant others in their life with the resources and information to learn to live and thrive. This will involve representatives of Stroke Survivors CAN! establishing relationships with Hospital Social Workers, Discharge Planners and Caseworkers, Neurologists; Rehab Facilities, Physical Therapists and others.
  • Life Coaching will be provided by an individual experienced in Mental Health issues, as well as experience as a stroke survivor. This will be done on an individual basis as arranged with the Life Coach, and address issues that are identified by the individual Survivor.
  • Support Groups led by Stroke Survivors and others to allow Survivors to connect with others and share experiences , as well as learn from others in similar situation. These meetings will occur primarily at the Stroke Survivors CAN! office, as well as can be arranged off site if requested.
  • Coordination of resources, as identified by the individual and their family, friends, and significant others. This can include basic needs such as disability benefits, housing modifications, vocational rehabilitation, speech therapy, physical and or occupational therapy, counseling, companion animals, resource materials, communication devices and apps, in home assistance, transportation, companionship, etc.
  • Scholarships to participate in goals to lead an inclusive life, and explore possibilities. This can include education, working out at a gym, training and participation in athletic events such as races, walks, community classes.
  • Partnerships with American Heart Association, National Aphasia Association, A service animal Group, Speech Therapy Contacts, Physical Therapy Contacts, Speech Therapy contacts, Colleges, Universities, transportation companies, gyms, volunteer groups, fund raising platforms.

Resources needed to accomplish goals:

  • Interactive and up to date website with the ability to make changes.
  • Social Media Presence
  • Participation in conferences, community events, and other marketing opportunities. Need to research, identify, register, and have a presence at these events along with educational and contact materials.
  • Meet with Hospital Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Caseworkers, Neurologists, Rehab Facilities, Physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, etc. and let them know of our presence and what we can offer.
  • Develop a life coaching intake process, and curriculum
  • Outreach for support groups, and identify any need for subgroups?
  • Set up Computer, or acquire paper applications for Social Security, Disability Benefits, Housing Contacts and applications, Housing modifications and contacts, Vocational Rehabilitation, In home assistance, transportation, Counseling, resource materials for latest and greatest treatments, attend conferences to get latest information and develop contacts, (This is simply to coordinate and find these services, and look for sources of payment as we will not be paying.)
  • Find Interns and train to help with some of workload
  • Create a volunteer work force to help with some of workload
  • Meet, make contact with, or become members of the American Heart Association, National Aphasia Association,
  • Identify, Meet and make contact with partners such as a service animal group, speech, physical, and occupational therapy associations, or individual practices, colleges and universities, transportation companies, gyms, volunteer groups.
  • Identify caseload size we can service at this time.
  • Intake process
  • Identify cost of what we are fundraising for: Life Coaching, Support groups, Scholarships, Memberships, eventually office and all that goes with it, Conferences, and potentially future positions.

What we have:

  • Office with network, internet, computers, copier, and room to accomplish needs
  • Kevin: Life Coach, Support Group Leader, Face and Spokesperson for Stroke Survivors CAN!, working on Website, and Social Media Presence, identify and develop relationships with partners.
  • Fundraising Platform: Give (Demo to come)  Would like to use partnerships to access their contact lists to contact.

What we need and cost:

  • As we can afford it, someone to be constantly on point to find opportunities to market, and attend events, be a spokesperson, as well as possibly take some other duties such as intakes, support groups, establishing partnerships, etc. Cost to be determined
  • Set up computer and acquire applications, or information for resources, meet with hospitals, social workers, case workers, etc to share our presence and what we can do, set up appointments and meet with stroke survivors to navigate resources we have available, identify and develop a relationship with partners, fundraise to pay for scholarships, meet with schools for interns, identify and create a volunteer workforce to take over some of the workloads, fundraise to pay for scholarships, and to allow us to hire more people to make a bigger reach. Costs to be determined.

Our founder, Kevin Rhinehart, provides speaking opportunities covering:

  • Believing in yourself!
  • Good grieving practices!
  • Reinventing Your Life
  • Finding Hope!
  • Other Topics Upon Request

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